No Emergency

There are no Civil Defence emergencies in the Far North District at the moment. 


Tsunami Siren

We have tsunami sirens all over the Far North. For more information, view the Northland Tsunami Sirens pamphlet.

Community Response Plans

Community-Response-Plans_mapCommunity Response Plans identify local hazards and assist the communities to maintain some resilience if an emergency occurs. They include their own warning systems and local procedures to get the message out on the extent of the threat and on evacuation routes, potential inundation areas and safe areas.

Emergency Shelters

People may become displaced from their homes or may not be able to get home. Temporary shelters may be required to be opened during an emergency event. Civil Defence relies on communities to identify a suitable safe facility and staff these with local volunteers.

The Council would welcome approaches from other communities who would also like assistance in setting up Coastal Community Response Plans for their local areas.

What is Civil Defence

Civil Defence is the coordinated response to a significant event when it has escalated to the point that emergency services and other agencies are no longer able to manage it and the safety of the public and our infrastructure is seriously threatened. A Civil Defence emergency also requires the public and communities to play their part to respond to what has occurred to help themselves and others.

Local Body Responsibilities

Councils are required under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002 to plan for emergencies. The Far North District Council has a Civil Defence Structure in place and has appointed Local Controllers. It is the responsibility of the Controller to manage the response to the event.

Where to find information in an emergency

Access to information is often restricted due to the nature of the emergency and loss of services. Telecommunications become overloaded and your call may not be answered.

  • Regular updates will be issued to the public through the media. Your radio is the prime source of information.
  • The Council will provide important information in the Status section of this website.
  • The contacts section of this website will list other agency groups that may provide helpful information during an emergency.

When there is a Civil Defence emergency in the Far North District, this is where you will find information on road closures, flooding area's etc.

Get Ready Get Thru


Disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods and storms can strike at any time, sometimes without warning. All disasters have the potential to cause disruption, damage property and take lives. So it is vital that you prepare now to protect yourself, your family, home, business and community. You could be on your own for 3 days.

Emergency Numbers

If life is at risk:


otherwise call FNDC
0800 920 029

Radio Frequencies

In the event of an emergency the following stations will broadcast regular updates.

More FM

91.6 or 92.0 FM

Classic Hits

95.6, 106.1 or 96.4 FM

National Radio

Kaitaia: 101.1 FM or 837 AM
Kaikohe: 101.5 FM or 981 AM
Opononi: 101.1 FM or 981 AM

Newstalk ZB

Mid North: 1215 AM
Far North: 1026 AM

Radio Live

100.7 FM

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